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Chinese Journal of School Health, a publication of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, is a peer-reviewed journal supervised by the National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China. The journal addresses practice, theory, and research related to the health and well-being of school-aged youth. The basic principles that guide the journal include implementing the policies of the party and the state on school health, academic-based, and serving for professionals who work toward providing students with the programs, services, and environment they need for good health and academic success. 

ⅠContents and scope of solicitation

This journal publishes original articles regarding child and adolescent health, research updates reports, implementation of health promotion programs in schools. The columns of this magazine include: commentary, invited perspectives, reviews, experience exchange in school health, student nutrition, health education and promotion, mental health, growth and development, health monitoring, disease control, health surveillance, health care for staffs in schools and colleges, school nurse’s corner, and etc.

Ⅱ Manuscript Submission Requirement

a. Writing Requirements

The manuscript should be scientific, practical, reliable and accurate, with rigorous structure, reasonable inference, concise, clear and standardized writing, and should include statistical analysis wherever possible. No more than 6, 000 words for original articles and no more than 4,000 words for epidemiological field investigation and, school health management. Manuscripts should be submitted in Word, and a normal, plain font for text, as well as italics for emphasis should be used. 

b. Title of the article

The title should be concise and clear, and properly reflect the main theme of the paper. No more than 22 words and no more than two levels of displayed headings are allowed. 

c. Authorship

Name, affiliation, address, and postal code of all the authors should be listed under the title. Multiple affiliations shall be listed in order and identified in the upper right-hand corner of the author's name. An introduction to the first author should be included on the first page (e.g. name, year of birth, gender, native place, academic degree, title and main research areas). All the corresponding authors should be introduced with an e-mail address.

d. Abstract

Original articles adopt a structured abstract, which includes objective, method, results, and conclusions. No more than 400 words is required for abstracts which should be written in a third-person point of view. Indicative abstract is required for commentary, invited perspectives, reviews with no more than 200 words. All articles shall be provided with an English abstract, including the title, authors, affiliation, city and postal code. All authors shall be listed. When there are multiple author affiliations, the first affiliation is preferred.  

e. Keywords

Please try to select the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), the latest edition of the National Library of Medicine, the normative vocabulary listed in “Index Medicus”, edited by the National Library of Medicine, or select the topic words in the paper. Four to eight keywords are preferred, both in Chinese and English. Capitalize the first letter of each word, and separate each one by colon. 

f. Medical nomenclature 

All the medical terms used in the manuscript should be those approved and published by National Scientific and Technical Terms Review Committee approved and published in 1998. For those not published for the time being, the "English-Chinese Medical Vocabulary" published by People's Medical Publishing House should be referenced.

g. Abbreviation

Use the abbreviations as little as possible. The first time you use an abbreviation in the text, present both the spelled-out version and the short form, separated with colon.  

h. Measurement unit

The units of measurement used in the manuscript shall be the "legal units of measurement of the People's Republic of China" issued by the State Council in February 1984, and the common unit symbol should be used. The name of the unit and the unit symbol should not be mixed. The statement should first list the values of legal units of measurement, with the values of the old units in brackets, e. g. 10 kPa (75 mmHg). If a unit of measurement occurs repeatedly, the conversion coefficient between the statutory unit of measurement and the old unit may be indicated for the first use and only the value of the statutory unit of measurement shall be listed thereafter.

i. Statistical Symbols

Manuscript should be written according to the relevant provisions of GB 3358-82 Statistical Nouns and Symbols.

j. Use of Number

According to the Regulations on the Use of Numbers in Publications, the Gregorian calendar century, day-month-year, hour and count appearing in the article are all in Arabic numerals. When there are more than 3 digits before and after the decimal point, a group of 3 digits shall be made, and 1/4 (Han) word shall be left between the groups. However, the year, instrument model, standard number, page number and troop number are not classified. The percentage sign for the preceding value in the percentage range cannot be omitted, such as 25% - 50%.

k. Figures and Tables

After the figure and table are attached to the corresponding text, they shall be referenced in numerical order (i. e., Table 1, Table 2). Each figure and table shall be labeled with a title, illustrative information shall be placed in the following notes of the figure (table). An English translation should be added below the title. All tables use three-line table, and the decimal point of the data in the table shall be the same. Line drawings should be prepared in black ink on white paper. Images submitted are necessary for visual clarity and contrast. The number, upper and lower directions and the name of the author should be indicated at the bottom of the image.

l. References

Based on Information and Documentation-Rules for Bibliographic References and Citations to Information Resources (GB/T 7714—2015), a sequential coding system is adpoted by the journal. A citation takes the form of an Arabic number that correlates with a source in your list of references. These numbers may be enclosed in square brackets. The references should be the latest literature read by the authors and cited in the text. The number of reference articles is not limited. Generally, no less than 15 articles for original articles and no less than 40 articles for meta analysis and reviews. The literature cited should be recently published papers, preferably within the last 5 years. The first three authors are required in the references separated with commas, followed by a comma and et al. for the rest of the authors. The name of foreign periodicals is abbreviated and the full name of Chinese periodicals. The reference list is a list of all the sources that have been cited in the manuscript (marked in Arabic numbers). Chinese literatures should be translated into English. References to articles, chapters and symposia contributions should be cited as per the examples below:

[1] EKSTROM A,HAKENAS-PLATE L, TULINIUS,et al.Cognition and adaptive skills in hypotonic dystrophy type 1: a study of 55 individuals with congenital and childhood forms[J]. Dev Med Child Neur, 2009, 51(12): 982-990.

[Number] Author. title [J]. journal, year, volume: page number.

[2] HIGGINS J P T, SAVOVI J, PAGE M J, et al. Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions[M]. 2 ed. Chichester (UK): John Wiley Sons, 2019. 

[Number] Author. title [M]. volume. edition. publication: publisher, year: page number.

Ⅲ Submission Process

To submit your paper, please log on to and enter the "Author Submission System". After registration and logging in, submit your paper according to the steps of navigational submission (recommendation). Please attach the supporting documents of the funding and the electronic version of the copyright agreement (the copyright agreement shall be signed and officially sealed by the department of the corresponding author, mainly proving the scientific nature of this article, the authenticity of the materials and no submission elsewhere). Manuscripts in paper copy or submitted through email are not accepted. After receiving the manuscript, the manuscript processing fee of 50 yuan shall be paid after submission confirmation email received. The author should keep original manuscript.

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, our journal has the right to abridge and revise the manuscript. Certificate issued by the affiliation is required for author changes. Once the article is accepted, article publication fees shall be charged(2000-4000 CNY). After the publication of the article, remuneration will be paid and send 2 copies of the current journal to the corresponding author. 

Address: Editorial board of Chinese Journal of School Health, third floor, the Science Palace at 51 Shengli Middle Road, Bengshan District, Bengbu city, Anhui Province, China.

Postal code: 233000. 

Telephone: 0552 - 2054276. 

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