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Chinese Journal of School Health is a peer-reviewed academic journal sponsored by the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association and in charge of theNational Disease Control and Prevention Administration. Established in 1980, Chinese Journal of School Health is available both in print and online. It publishes empirical and clinical studies concerned with school health and child health in the widest sense for a diverse readership including child health practitioners, academic researchers, school physicians, as well as other health care providers. The journal seeks to provide state-of-the-art information from China and abroad for individuals and organizations working to advance the health and well-being of children and adolescents. It provides a forum for discussion of the most important issues and policies affecting child and adolescent health and health care. The electronic backup and full-text content of the Journal are stored in CNKI and paper backup is stored in Version Library of China.

Responsible Institution

National Disease Control and Prevention Administration


Chinese Preventive Medicine Association

Editor in Chief

TAO Fangbiao

Executive Editor in Chief

MA Jun

Deputy Editor in Chief

WANG Ling,XU Jida,XU Yong,JING Jin,YU Yizhen,WU Lijie,ZHANG Xin,LI Hongying

Head of Journal

LI Hongying

Editoral Director

GU Xuan


Journal Office of Chinese School Health


Hongqi Printing Company Limited,Bengbu

Domestic Distributor

Post Office of Bengbu,Anhui Province

Code Number:26-48

Overseas Distributor

China International Book Trading Corporation

Mail Order

Distribution Department,Journal Office of Chinese School Health

51,Shengli Zhong Road,Bengbu,Anhui Province,233000,P.R.China



ISSN 1000-9817

CN 34-1092/R


Editorial Board of Chinese Journal of School Health

51,Shengli Zhong Road,Bengbu,Anhui Province,233000,P.R.China




WeChat official account:zgxxws

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