Volume 43 Issue 12
Dec.  2022
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LI Xu, LAI Shengqin, LUO Diyi, LI Li. Awareness and needs of parents regarding pediatric infectious diseases in kindergartens in Chenghua District of Chengdu[J]. CHINESE JOURNAL OF SCHOOL HEALTH, 2022, 43(12): 1801-1803. doi: 10.16835/j.cnki.1000-9817.2022.12.010
Citation: LI Xu, LAI Shengqin, LUO Diyi, LI Li. Awareness and needs of parents regarding pediatric infectious diseases in kindergartens in Chenghua District of Chengdu[J]. CHINESE JOURNAL OF SCHOOL HEALTH, 2022, 43(12): 1801-1803. doi: 10.16835/j.cnki.1000-9817.2022.12.010

Awareness and needs of parents regarding pediatric infectious diseases in kindergartens in Chenghua District of Chengdu

doi: 10.16835/j.cnki.1000-9817.2022.12.010
  • Received Date: 2022-06-15
  • Rev Recd Date: 2022-10-14
  • Available Online: 2022-12-30
  • Publish Date: 2022-12-25
  •   Objective   To understand the awereness and health needs of parents in regards to infectious diseases in kindergartens in Chengdu, and to provide a reference for carrying out targeted health education on infectious diseases.  Methods   The parents of kindergarten children in Chenghua District of Chengdu was selected by convenient sampling, and a self-designed questionnaire was used.  Results   The rate of awareness among parents regarding pediatric infectious diseases was 42.0%, among which the awareness rate of "treatment measures following a dog bite" was the highest (99.6%), and "the awareness rate of infectious disease classifications in China" was the lowest (26.7%). The awareness rate was related to family role, education level, occupation and income level (χ2=10.81, 71.81, 93.78, 25.17, P < 0.05). The survey examined the demand for knowledge regarding pediatric infectious disease prevention and control, and revealed that parents primarily obtained such information from the school class group (85.5%). The most desirable way of obtaining relevant information was from information provided by professional institutions (96.6%), the infectious disease that parents most wanted to know about was the 2019 novel coronavirus (91.9%), and the most desirable time to acquire knowledge about infectious diseases depended on the seasonal arrangement of infectious diseases (67.5%).  Conclusion   The awareness rate of parents about children's infectious diseases is in the middle level, and the channels for acquiring the knowledge about infectious diseases are relatively limited. Schools can carry out targeted health education in order to raise the awareness rate of parents of preschool children about children's infectious diseases.
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