Volume 44 Issue 11
Nov.  2023
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YU Qiong, LI Ruifeng, YUN Ruifen, CAO Puli, LIU Dong, MENG Jiaoyang, LI Jianying. Effect of parental weight and early life factors on overweight and obesity in children and adolescents[J]. CHINESE JOURNAL OF SCHOOL HEALTH, 2023, 44(11): 1729-1732. doi: 10.16835/j.cnki.1000-9817.2023.11.030
Citation: YU Qiong, LI Ruifeng, YUN Ruifen, CAO Puli, LIU Dong, MENG Jiaoyang, LI Jianying. Effect of parental weight and early life factors on overweight and obesity in children and adolescents[J]. CHINESE JOURNAL OF SCHOOL HEALTH, 2023, 44(11): 1729-1732. doi: 10.16835/j.cnki.1000-9817.2023.11.030

Effect of parental weight and early life factors on overweight and obesity in children and adolescents

doi: 10.16835/j.cnki.1000-9817.2023.11.030
  • Received Date: 2023-07-21
  • Rev Recd Date: 2023-09-14
  • Available Online: 2023-11-27
  • Publish Date: 2023-11-25
  •   Objective  To investigate the association of the risk of overweight/obesity in children and adolescents with their early life factors and parental weight.  Methods  From June 1 to June 30 of 2022, the stratified randomized cluster sampling method was used to collect information using questionnaires from 5 370 primary and secondary school students in Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and multivariate analysis were performed using multiple Logistic regression model estimation in a generalized linear model for parental BMI and early life factors in children and adolescents.  Results  The prevalence of overweight/obesity was 32.2%, and the prevalence of overweight/obesity among male students was 37.8%, which was higher than that of female students 26.1% (χ2=84.59, P <0.01). The results of the multirariate Logistic regression anaysis showed that the prevalence of overweight/obesity was higher in only paternal overweight (OR=1.52, 95%CI=1.30-1.77), only maternal overweight (OR=1.61, 95%CI=1.31-1.97), and parentl overweight (OR=2.42, 95%CI=2.03-2.87)(P <0.05). The risk of overweight/obesity was higher in children with high birth weight (OR=1.29, 95%CI=1.08-1.55), children born by caesarean section (OR=1.32, 95%CI=1.17-1.48), and children whose mothers gained excessive weight during pregnancy (OR=1.24, 95%CI=1.06-1.46), and the results were statistically significant (P <0.05).  Conclusions  Overweight parents, excessive maternal weight gain during pregnancy, cesarean delivery, and high birth weight are associated with increased risk of overweight/obesity in children and adolescents. Attention should be paid to these aspects in obesity prevention and control.
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