Volume 44 Issue 11
Nov.  2023
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LIU Mengrui, WANG Hao, ZHANG Yifan, TANG Donghui. Effect of aerobic pedal exercise on sleep quality and energy metabolism of female college students with mild sleep disorder[J]. CHINESE JOURNAL OF SCHOOL HEALTH, 2023, 44(11): 1692-1696. doi: 10.16835/j.cnki.1000-9817.2023.11.022
Citation: LIU Mengrui, WANG Hao, ZHANG Yifan, TANG Donghui. Effect of aerobic pedal exercise on sleep quality and energy metabolism of female college students with mild sleep disorder[J]. CHINESE JOURNAL OF SCHOOL HEALTH, 2023, 44(11): 1692-1696. doi: 10.16835/j.cnki.1000-9817.2023.11.022

Effect of aerobic pedal exercise on sleep quality and energy metabolism of female college students with mild sleep disorder

doi: 10.16835/j.cnki.1000-9817.2023.11.022
  • Received Date: 2023-02-22
  • Rev Recd Date: 2023-07-28
  • Available Online: 2023-11-27
  • Publish Date: 2023-11-25
  •   Objective  To explore the intervention effect of aerobic step exercise on sleep quality of female college students, so as to provide a new perspective to improve the sleep quality of female college students.  Methods  In the 2020 fall semester, a total of 41 female college students with mild or more severe sleep disorders were selected from Beijing Normal University through a questionnaire and were randomly divided into experimental group (n=29) and control group (n=12).The experimental group received 55 minutes/time step aerobic exercise intervention for 8 weeks, three times a week, while the control group received no exercise intervention from October to December.The two groups maintained the original learning and living habits, without additional physical activity.The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index Scale and portable sleep monitor were used to assess the subjects'sleep quality from both subjective and objective aspects.Changes in energy metabolism were observed by triaxial accelerometer and standing body composition analyzer.  Results  After exercise intervention, subjective sleep quality factor (1.24±0.43, 0.86±0.58), sleep efficiency factor (0.66±0.67, 0.07±0.25), sleep disorder factor (1.24±0.51, 1.03±0.18), daytime dysfunction factor (1.90±0.86, 1.48±0.82) and PSQI score (7.21±1.85, 5.66±2.09) significantly improved (t=3.64, 4.63, 2.27, 2.36, 3.29, P < 0.05).The ratio of sleep to wakefulness decreased (25.54±7.86, 20.85±5.13), the ratio of deep sleep (31.79±12.20, 38.32±10.19) and sleep efficiency (73.99±7.91, 78.68±5.12) increased significantly (t=-2.12, -2.39, -2.21, P < 0.05).Lean body mass[(38.55±2.95, 39.07±2.94) g]and basal metabolic rate[(1 257.45±41.14, 1 262.66±42.22) kcal]of the experimental group significantly increased after the intervention of medium-high intensity aerobic pedal exercise (F=5.95, 3.49, P < 0.05).Total energy expenditure was positively correlated with subjective sleep quality and sleep efficiency (r=-0.26, -0.44, P < 0.05).  Conclusions  The 8-week aerobic step exercise intervention can increase the daytime energy consumption and basic metabolism of female college students.Improve the sleep depth and efficiency of female college students, reduce sleep disorders, and then effectively improve sleep quality.
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