Volume 44 Issue 11
Nov.  2023
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ZHONG Chengwang, YANG Bin, FENG Qiqin, ZHAO Chanjuan, GUO Jingyue, ZHANG Tao, CHENG Qiuyun, ZHANG Fan. Milk consumption behavior and its impact on bone mineral density among 696 pupils in Hainan Province[J]. CHINESE JOURNAL OF SCHOOL HEALTH, 2023, 44(11): 1631-1635. doi: 10.16835/j.cnki.1000-9817.2023.11.008
Citation: ZHONG Chengwang, YANG Bin, FENG Qiqin, ZHAO Chanjuan, GUO Jingyue, ZHANG Tao, CHENG Qiuyun, ZHANG Fan. Milk consumption behavior and its impact on bone mineral density among 696 pupils in Hainan Province[J]. CHINESE JOURNAL OF SCHOOL HEALTH, 2023, 44(11): 1631-1635. doi: 10.16835/j.cnki.1000-9817.2023.11.008

Milk consumption behavior and its impact on bone mineral density among 696 pupils in Hainan Province

doi: 10.16835/j.cnki.1000-9817.2023.11.008
  • Received Date: 2023-05-04
  • Rev Recd Date: 2023-08-04
  • Available Online: 2023-11-27
  • Publish Date: 2023-11-25
  •   Objective  To investigate the milk-drinking behavior and bone mineral density level of pupils in Hainan Province, and to explore the correlation between bone mineral density and milk-drinking behavior, in order to provide scientific basis for promoting the healthy development of bones in children and adolescents.  Methods  In November 2021, a cross-sectional survey including demographic characteristics, milk intake, unhealthy eating behavior, physical activity and sleep was conducted among 696 students from grades 3 to 5 in Sanya and Baisha, Hainan by stratified cluster random sampling, and bone mineral density at the distal 1/3 of the right forearm was measured by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. t-test was used to compare the differences in bone mineral density among different milk-drinking behaviors of pupils, and multiple linear regression was used to analyze the correlation between milk consumption and bone mineral density.  Results  About 25.3% students consumed milk daily and 13.9% consumed ≥300 g of milk daily. The mean bone mineral density at the distal 1/3 of the right forearm was (0.237±0.041)g/cm2. The bone mineral density was greater in the group with daily milk intake than in the group without daily milk intake [(0.250±0.037)(0.204±0.034)g/cm2, t=15.00, P < 0.01], and the bone mineral density was greater in the group with daily average milk intake ≥300 g than in the group with daily average milk intake < 300 g [(0.284±0.036)(0.229±0.037)g/cm2, t=13.48, P < 0.01]. Multiple linear regression analysis showed that daily average milk intake was positively correlated with bone mineral density, with a correlation coefficient (β=0.020, t=21.46, P < 0.01).  Conclusion  Milk consumption among pupils is inadequate, and milk-drinking behavior has a positive impact on bone mineral density, so effective milk-drinking intervention should be carried out to promote children's bone development.
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